Phase I: Heart of a Warrior Manual

manual.JPGPhase I of Heart of a Warrior is a journey for men, in a small group setting, designed to help them live lives of integrity, authenticity, courage, and honor.

The purpose of the journey is to calibrate their internal compass - the heart - to the heart of God. Central beliefs, core values, perceptual attitudes, and primary motives are adjusted so that the journey of life can be effectively navigated--always in reference to True North, Jesus Christ.

This manual, in conjunction with the video set above is all you need to lead men to holiness and wholeness. If the manual is used in a group setting, each member of the group should have a manual.  The cost of the manual is $25.

video hoaw.jpgPhase I:  Heart of a Warrior Video Series

Leaders desiring to facilitate a small group of men should purchase the video series that provides an introduction to the ministry, the covenant, and 10-15 minute presentations for each of the 12 lessons in the series.

This video series is used in conjunction with the Heart of a Warrior Manual described above.  In the series Dr. Bourgond describes the journey, explains the concepts, gives illustrations of the principles, and provides additional information not in the manual.

Please contact Dr. Bourgond directly for more information of how to order the video series.  The cost of the four DVDs that comprise the series is $99.  Each leader of a Phase I group should have a video set.

For more information about these products please contact Dr. Bourgond by email (

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