Leadership & Formation #17: Mentoring Needs

Leadership & Formation #17: Mentoring Needs

What’s on your bucket list?  What do you want to accomplish before you die? Here is my List…

  • Learn to use a kayak really well.
  • Fly fish in Montana.
  • Buy a cabin in northern Minnesota.
  • Tour Scotland’s highlands.
  • Retire in Ireland.
  • Take a course at Oxford University in England.
  • Take a month-long walking tour across northern England.
  • See my grandsons grow up to be men after God’s heart.
  • Live a legacy worth leaving in the lives of others.
  • Crash through the Gates of Heaven, utterly exhausted having left everything on the field of engagement.

figure_vaulting_over_bar_400_clr_14025.pngWhat does it mean to FINISH WELL?  My mentor, J. Robert Clinton describes the characteristics of finishing well…

Finishing Well:  refers to reaching the end of one's life, having been faithful to the calling God has placed upon that life...is about Christ followers being more passionate about Christ and His mission as they fulfill their life purpose than they were at the beginning.  It also entails a life that experiences the depth of God's grace and love...it is living out one's destiny and the making of one's unique and ultimate contribution in expanding God's Kingdom.  (J. Robert Clinton - Leadership Emergence Theory)

To take a journey, especially over unfamiliar terrain, we need a GUIDE; someone who is familiar with the landscape who can help us arrive at our desired objective.  Taking a journey alone over treacherous or difficult territory can be frustrating, anxiety producing, hazardous, and even dangerous if we don’t know what we’re doing.  More specifically, we need mentors to guide us.

Some of us long to be mentored because we feel the hole in our soul.  We know instinctively that if we keep doing the same thing in our lives the result will be the same thing. 

Some of us know exactly what our mentoring needs are.  Others of us haven’t got a clue – we just know we need help.  Still others of us have multiple mentoring needs but haven’t determined the highest priority. 

One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to counsel us, to provide direction, to teach us.  If you are unclear about the mentoring area seek His counsel through prayer.  You might pray something like this…

Mentally project yourself to a preferable future.  What does it look like?  Does it serve God’s redemptive purposes?  Is it God-honoring?  Does it align with God’s wiring of you?  Come back to the present and look for mentors that will help you reach your preferable future.

These QUESTIONS will help you determine your mentoring needs.

  • What are you doing now you need to KEEP doing (but do better)?
  • What are you doing now you need to CHANGE doing?
  • What are you doing now you need to STOP doing?
  • What are you not doing now you need to START doing?

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you become a better person, a better husband, a better father, a better friend, or a better employee. 

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you learn the basics of the faith and what it means to be a Christian.

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you with a sin pattern or a stronghold of the Enemy that continually defeats you.

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you master a particular competency or life skill.

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you realize your God-given potential.

Perhaps you need a mentor to open up new networks of relationships.

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you grow spiritually.

Perhaps you need a mentor to help you with life management.

What are your mentoring needs?

Who within your sphere of relationships could help you with those needs?

Do you need an INTENSIVE mentor who will help you establish key foundational building blocks?

Do you need an OCCASIONAL mentor who will help you deal with a particular need?

Who are your PASSIVE mentors who inspire and encourage you?

To be continued…


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