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Had a wonderful experience speaking to 100+ men at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in Minneapolis MN.  God showed up and moved the hearts of many men.  I have been asked to come back.

I just received an invitation to be the keynote speaker at a Men's Retreat in Washington September 30th through October 2nd.  God continues to open doors.  I asked them to change the name from Men's Retreat to Men's Advance.  I believe God calls men to advance, not retreat.

God continues to open doors for Heart of a Warrior Ministries.  As many of you know I never planned to start a ministry--but God seemingly had other plans.  I will walk through any door He opens and serve where asked to serve.

My last book, "A Rattling of Sabers:  Preparing Your Heart for Life's Battles" continues to do well.  It was selected by Barnes and Noble to highlight on their webpage the month of January.  I continue to get emails from people who have purchased the book.  So far 6 people have written reviews of my book on Amazon.com.

Many of the comments I have received go something like this--"I thought I was going to breeze through the book but found I had to stop repeatedly either because I was convicted or I was compelled to reflect on my life."  Last night at Lino Lakes Prison a man who had purchased the ebook version of the book said he had to purchase a hard copy because he felt the need to underline, highlight, or make margin notes.

Again, as some of you know I wrote the book primarily for three reasons.

  1. The hope that someone who doesn't know Christ would come to know Him as a result of reading the book.
  2. The hope that someone who does know Christ but their relationship with Him has stagnated would have their love for Him reignited.
  3. The hope that my grandchildren would find comfort in knowing what "Papa' felt was important in life and what I believed and valued.  So many of our loved ones don't know what means most to us.

The next book "Papa's Blessing" should be out by Father's Day.  I hope people will find it of value as they seek the bless those who mean the most to them.

Last night, I concluded 2 years working with men who first completed Phase I: Heart of a Warrior (calibrated their internal compass) and now have completed Phase II:  Focus of a Warrior (their unique roadmap).  They read aloud to the group their Personal Life Mandates consisting of their Biblical purpose, life purpose, committed passion, role characterisitics, unique methodologies, and ultimate contribution).  It was quite moving to hear them.  Heart of a Warrior has been at Lino Lakes Prison for four years now.  One team does Phase I led by Scott Strand and another team does Phase II led by me.

May God stimulate you to be all He has called you to be first with your loved ones and then with your church, community and work setting.  Remember, God is looking for FAT leaders--faithful, available, and teachable.  It is the only time you don't have to go on a diet.

Strenght and Honor!


Speaking Schedule

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Posted by greg under Events

    CY 2011 - 2012

    September 17-26, 2011
    4th Annual Leader’s Conference
    Sibui & Cluj, Romania  

    September 30 - Oct 2, 2011
    Men's Advance
    Lake Retreat Camp and Conference Center
    Ravensdale, Washington

    October 7-8, 2011
    Systems Theory
    Fort Myers Agape Christian Fellowship
    Fort Myers, Florida

    November 18-20, 2011
    Men's Retreat
    Covenant Pines Bible Camp
    McGregor, MN
    January 20-21, 2011
    Men's Retreat
    Grace Baptist Church
    Grantsburg, WI

    February 5-12-19-26, 2011
    Preaching – Papa’s Blessings
    The Bridge
    Somerset, WI

    January 10, 2011

Papa's Blessing

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Just back from the Kilns in Headington England, the home of C.S. Lewis.  I finished my next book tentatively titled "Papa's Blessing."  The book will address the importance of blessing those who mean the most to us.  It includes guidance on how to select values, draft a blessing (includes a detailed worksheet), and how to administer a blessing.  I hope to have it published by Father's Day.

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