Focused Living

Focused Living

I have been working through Focus of a Warrior with 4 men in prison and 7 men in my home. In light of the economy many of us do not have the luxury of leaving our current jobs to find one that is more in alignment with our unique wiring. Some of us are glad to have a job and cannot afford to leave it to find another job more in alignment with our life purpose, committed passion, unique methodologies, and ultimate contribution.

Therefore, I would suggest to you that if your current job does not offer an opportunity to be changed to more adequately align with your wiring then you need to find other avenues or venues in which to express your calling and your wiring. Obviously, clarity about your calling and wiring is necessary to determine more efficiently and effectively where and in what ways you need to focus a dimension of your calling and wiring.

I was at a dinner some time ago with Leonard Sweet, author of Quantum Spirituality and other challenging works and a unique personality in his own right. He made a profound statement to me. He said, "If you are attempting to exercise the totality of who your are in one venue (for instance--your job) you are headed for abject misery." The implication of his statement is that your job will have highs and lows and your response will also be high or low. Your identity is not determined by your profession alone. He went on to say, "To dampen the ups and downs of your job you must seek out other venues that will give you an opportunity to express another dimension of your calling and wiring--the totality of which expresses all of who God has called you to be and do."

For instance, my job at Bethel does not encompass all of who I am and all I am called to do. My Heart of a Warrior Ministry, writing projects, consultations, teaching, etc. collectively allows me to express the entirety of who I am and what I am called to do. Knowing the specifics of this relys, of course, on my clarity of of my wiring and God's designed purposes for my life.

So what's the point--simply this. Come to clarity about your calling and wiring and then seek out venues in which to express each aspect of your calling. Do not look to one venue to express all of who you are. And do not select opportunity options that provide redundant avenues. Find venues that give you the freedom to express one dimension of your calling and wiring--the totality of which represents your calling and wiring in its entirety.

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