Papa's Blessing

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FamilyI have just contracted with iUniverse to publish my next book titled "Papa's Blessing."  I wrote the book because so many people encouraged me to do so.  Everywhere I speak on the subject of blessing I receive tremendous response.  Every son, daughter, father, and mother longs to receive a blessing from someone that matters in their life.  The sad truth is that most of us never receive the blessing we seek.

The book will include many examples of blessings not the least of which will be blessings I have written and administered to all my grandchildren.

Many have asked how to write and give a blessing.  I have concluded that a meaningful blessing includes the following elements...some of which was derived and adapted from Gary Smalley and John Trent's book entitled "The Blessing."

Meaningful Touch

Spoken Word

Personal Assigned Values 

Expression of Esteem and Affirmation

Picture of a Unique and Distinct Future

Scriptural Focus and Support

Commitment to Bringing the Dream Alive

The book will include a Blessing Worksheet.  This helpful aid will collect the necessary information neeeded in crafting a meaningful blessing including candidate information, prayer response, personal observations, a pattern for a blessing, a blessing draft, and details of a ceremony to administer the blessing.

I hope to have the book ready for Father's Day in 2011.

My hope and prayer is that many will take the initiative to bless the ones they love.

I hope you will want to purchase the book and receive  a blessing from the Lord by blessing those who mean the most to you.

Kilns - 2010

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Posted by greg

Kilns 2 Earlier this month I was extended an invitation to once again come to the Kilns in Headington England, the home of C.S. Lewis, as a Visiting Scholar to write my next book.

Papa's Blessing is about blessing.  Every person longs to receive a blessing from someone that matters in their life.  Whenever I speak on the subject of blessing I see the impact it has on the audience.  In all cases, I am repeatedly asked how to pick a value for a loved one, how to draft a blessing, and how to give a blessing. 

The book describes the process I went through selecting values for my grandchildren, developing a blessing contaning those values (for them and others), and bestowing the blessing. There are numerous examples and a comprehensive worksheet designed to help someone through the process.

I finished the manuscript in 8 days.  Stats:  ~120 pages, 31,200 words, 7 chapters, 2 apendices, a dedication page, preface, and introduction.

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1 - The Importance of Blessing

Chapter 2 - The Source of Blessing (Strategic Fatherhood)

Chapter 3 - The Power of Blessing

Chapter 4 - The Essentials of Blessing

Chapter 5 - The Preparation of Blessing

Chapter 6 - The Realization of Blessing

Chapter 7 - The Legacy of Blessing

Appendix A – The Blessing Worksheet

Appendix B – Personal Bio of Dr. Greg Bourgond

As I near the end of my stay, I am once again feeling the blessing of God.  This is such an inspiring place to live and write.  As you may recall I was here in 2008 writing my first book, "A Rattling of Sabers."  If you haven't gotten your copy yet you can order it from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

Click on this link:  A Rattling of Sabers:  Preparing Your Heart for Life's Battles

Oddly enough, I wrote the last 8 chapters of that book in 8 days as well.

Magdalen College 2 While I was here at the Kilns I attended a Carol Sing at Magdelan College Chapel on the campus of the college in Oxford.  Lewis taught here for a number of years.  It was on Addison's Walk in the college grounds that he and Tolkien would discuss spiritual matters that contributed to Lewis' conversion.  We were seated directly behind the altar.  It was stuning, inspiring, and uplifting.

I have a few days left and will spend some time in Oxford.

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