Papa's Blessing

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FamilyI have just contracted with iUniverse to publish my next book titled "Papa's Blessing."  I wrote the book because so many people encouraged me to do so.  Everywhere I speak on the subject of blessing I receive tremendous response.  Every son, daughter, father, and mother longs to receive a blessing from someone that matters in their life.  The sad truth is that most of us never receive the blessing we seek.

The book will include many examples of blessings not the least of which will be blessings I have written and administered to all my grandchildren.

Many have asked how to write and give a blessing.  I have concluded that a meaningful blessing includes the following elements...some of which was derived and adapted from Gary Smalley and John Trent's book entitled "The Blessing."

Meaningful Touch

Spoken Word

Personal Assigned Values 

Expression of Esteem and Affirmation

Picture of a Unique and Distinct Future

Scriptural Focus and Support

Commitment to Bringing the Dream Alive

The book will include a Blessing Worksheet.  This helpful aid will collect the necessary information neeeded in crafting a meaningful blessing including candidate information, prayer response, personal observations, a pattern for a blessing, a blessing draft, and details of a ceremony to administer the blessing.

I hope to have the book ready for Father's Day in 2011.

My hope and prayer is that many will take the initiative to bless the ones they love.

I hope you will want to purchase the book and receive  a blessing from the Lord by blessing those who mean the most to you.

Kilns - 2010

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Kilns 2 Earlier this month I was extended an invitation to once again come to the Kilns in Headington England, the home of C.S. Lewis, as a Visiting Scholar to write my next book.

Papa's Blessing is about blessing.  Every person longs to receive a blessing from someone that matters in their life.  Whenever I speak on the subject of blessing I see the impact it has on the audience.  In all cases, I am repeatedly asked how to pick a value for a loved one, how to draft a blessing, and how to give a blessing. 

The book describes the process I went through selecting values for my grandchildren, developing a blessing contaning those values (for them and others), and bestowing the blessing. There are numerous examples and a comprehensive worksheet designed to help someone through the process.

I finished the manuscript in 8 days.  Stats:  ~120 pages, 31,200 words, 7 chapters, 2 apendices, a dedication page, preface, and introduction.

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1 - The Importance of Blessing

Chapter 2 - The Source of Blessing (Strategic Fatherhood)

Chapter 3 - The Power of Blessing

Chapter 4 - The Essentials of Blessing

Chapter 5 - The Preparation of Blessing

Chapter 6 - The Realization of Blessing

Chapter 7 - The Legacy of Blessing

Appendix A – The Blessing Worksheet

Appendix B – Personal Bio of Dr. Greg Bourgond

As I near the end of my stay, I am once again feeling the blessing of God.  This is such an inspiring place to live and write.  As you may recall I was here in 2008 writing my first book, "A Rattling of Sabers."  If you haven't gotten your copy yet you can order it from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

Click on this link:  A Rattling of Sabers:  Preparing Your Heart for Life's Battles

Oddly enough, I wrote the last 8 chapters of that book in 8 days as well.

Magdalen College 2 While I was here at the Kilns I attended a Carol Sing at Magdelan College Chapel on the campus of the college in Oxford.  Lewis taught here for a number of years.  It was on Addison's Walk in the college grounds that he and Tolkien would discuss spiritual matters that contributed to Lewis' conversion.  We were seated directly behind the altar.  It was stuning, inspiring, and uplifting.

I have a few days left and will spend some time in Oxford.

November 6-7, 2010 Christ Community Church - Rochester MN

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I will be speaking in the Saturday evening service (5:30 PM) and twice on Sunday morning (9:00 and 10:30 AM) on the subject of Strategic Fatherhood.

I will be speaking at the same church in the same time slots on November 20-21, 2010 on Legacy. 

If you are in the area come to... http://www.cccrochester.org/index.html

Christ Community Church
4400 55th St. NW
Rochester, MN 55901
Phone: (507) 282-5569

Romania 2010

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As I continue to reflect on what God did in Romania I am humbled by the opportunity to serve these amazing leaders.  They do not have the resources we enjoy in the U.S. (resources we often take for granted).  They are eeking out an existence in very diffficult circumstances.  Coming together isn't easy either because they have come out of the communist era where they didn't know who to trust.

Yet, they are committed to the Lord, desire to serve Him faithfully, and try to live their faith in boldness and God-honoring ways.

I suggested that they consider bringing someone else to speak to them--I have been there for three years running.  They refused.  Why?  They said, "Because we trust you."  I feel the weight of that.  For that reason alone, I will be back in Romania, God willing, next year. 

Romania 2010

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Will be in Romania September 18 through the 26th for two Heart of a Warrior events in separate cities.  I will be speaking four times in each setting.  This is the third year we will be in Romania.  Please pray that God will do something special in the lives of the men who will attend.

New Webpage

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Heart of a Warrior Ministries announces a new webpage.  We are pleased with the launch of a new website for the ministry.  This site will be the primary location for all information related to Heart of a Warrior Ministries. 


Rattling.gifDon't forger that my new book has just been published and can be ordered at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and iUniverse.  For more information check out the following website


NEW BOOK by Dr. Greg Bourgond

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Rattling.gifIn A Rattling of Sabers: Preparing Your Heart for Life’s Battles, Dr. Greg Bourgond leads men on a spiritual journey that will help them embrace a renewed relationship with Christ and a life filled with authenticity, integrity, courage, and honor under the authority of God. Dr. Bourgond, founder of Heart of a Warrior Ministries, has dedicated nearly four decades to ministering to men through discipleship, mentoring, teaching, and leadership development. While guiding men on a journey to wholeness by helping them tune their own hearts to the heart of God, Dr. Bourgond shares life illustrations and fresh theological insights that will teach men to become aware of their unique wiring and God's purposes for their lives. Dr. Bourgond identifies situational lifestyles that men adopt to navigate the pathways of our lives, addresses the real battlefield for change and transformation that will help men reach the objectives of God’s preferred lifestyle, and provides guidance on how to correct corrupted behavior and proactively live a godly life. A Rattling of Sabers offers a unique and inspirational map that allows men to bring glory and honor to God and be encouraged to actively live the life that God has chosen for each of them.

Purchase now at...




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Rattling.gifIn A Rattling of Sabers: Preparing Your Heart for Life’s Battles, a Christian minister leads men on a spiritual journey that will help them embrace a renewed relationship with Christ and a life filled with authenticity, integrity, courage, and honor under the authority of God. Dr. Bourgond, founder of Heart of a Warrior Ministries, has dedicated nearly four decades to ministering to men through discipleship, mentoring, teaching, and leadership development. While guiding men on a journey to wholeness by helping them tune their own hearts to the heart of God, Dr. Bourgond shares life illustrations and fresh theological insights that will teach men to become aware of their unique wiring and God's purposes for their lives. Dr. Bourgond identifies situational lifestyles that men adopt to navigate the pathways of our lives, addresses the real battlefield for change and transformation that will help men reach the objectives of God’s preferred lifestyle, and provides guidance on how to correct corrupted behavior and proactively live a godly life. A Rattling of Sabers offers a unique and inspirational map that allows men to bring glory and honor to God and be encouraged to actively live the life that God has chosen for each of them.

Purchase now at...



Just Published - A Rattling of Sabers by Dr. Greg Bourgond

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Now availble at Amazon and Barnes&Noble...

This book will help us become men of honor and integrity by aligning our hearts with God's heart. Our behavior, good or bad, is reflective of what's in our hearts. Let's let the scalpel of God's word perform surgery on our hearts so that our lives bring glory instead of shame to the Father.  The objective of this book is to help you become a man after God’s heart.  We encourage you to engage in a life-transforming journey that will teach you how to live differently—to live victoriously, to live lives of integrity and honor under God’s authority.  The book is divided into three parts.  Part one contains three chapters. Part two includes six chapters.  The final part closes with two chapters.  Although helpful suggestions and applications are provided throughout the book the last two chapters focus entirely on application.  They answer the question, “What do we do now that we know.   

Part 1:  Preparing for Battle

Part 1 begins the journey by addressing what a man after God’s heart looks like.  In chapter 1 twelve essential characteristics are described and explained.  Chapter 2 identifies situational lifestyles we adopt to navigate the pathways of our lives are described.  These lifestyles promise victory but only result in dysfunctional approaches to life’s problems.  In opposition to these defective patterns, chapter 3 lays out God’s preferred lifestyle, the one that indeed delivers what it promises, a victorious life, if we have the courage to train to reach it.  This chapter sets the stage for all that follows in the next two parts.  It sets the objective.  The remaining chapters are designed to help the reader reach this objective.  All the remaining chapters point to this objective.

Part 2:  Surveying the Battlefield

Part 2, the largest section of the book, addresses the real battlefield for change and transformation that will help us reach our objective of God’s preferred lifestyle. Counter to what we have come to believe, sanctified behavior modification is not the route to lasting transformational change leading to spiritual maturity and abundant living promised in the Bible.  Chapter 4 opens with a critique of five deadly lies that if believed will lead to insignificance and mediocrity.  The chapter continues with an overview of the real battlefield where the struggle for victory is fought.  

Each chapter from this point on will include a Battle Plan at the end of the chapter.  This will give the reader an opportunity to engage the material covered from a personal point of view.  These sections will help the reader grasp the impact of the material in their personal life.  Certainly, the book can be read and hopefully enjoyed without interacting with the battle plans at the end of the chapters.  I believe, however, you will get much more out of the book by completing the battle plans along the way.  

Chapter 5 will briefly look at the map of the battlefield that must be defended and guarded if we are to live godly and honorable lives while we wait for the blessed appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.   This part also describes the topography of the battlefield in detail.  Four terrains will be addressed.  Chapter 6 addresses central beliefs, chapter 7 core values, chapter 8 worldview, and chapter 9 motives.  Each terrain builds on the one previous.  Together they comprise the complete landscape where the battle is fought, where the battle is won or lost.  

This part will illustrate the relationship between each of the battle terrains and their importance in determining victory or defeat.  Each terrain affects the others but one terrain, central beliefs, can positively or adversely affect or infect the others.  Just like operating software, this very important high ground on the battlefield determines how all application software functions.

Part 3:  Winning the Battle

Our final part answers the question, “So what?”  This part brings all that preceded it together into a functioning whole.  Chapter 10 puts all that has preceded this chapter in perspective.  This chapter will help you see the whole after having reviewed the parts.  Hopefully, it will bring it all together in one system so you can see how the individual parts interact with one another.  An example will be provided to that end.

Chapter 11 provides guidance on how to correct corrupted behavior.  This chapter will specific concrete steps you can take to remove and replace sinful behavior and the corruption in the heart that led to that behavior.  Specific corrective measures will be described.  Chapter 12 offers guidance for proactively living godly lives.  Once again, specific concrete steps will be presented, the completion of which help you life a productive and godly life.  Guidance in chapter 11 is corrective of destructive sinful behavior that brings shame and dishonor on us and God.  Guidance in chapter 12 is preventative in nature and will present help to live intentionally as men after God’s heart before problems arise that requires corrective measures.  

Put differently, the book is designed to help us become effective crime scene investigators.  How does one become a CSI?  What gives a CSI the edge to see things on a crime site that are there but overlooked by a casual observer?  What gives a CSI the capability to put evidence together to determine what actually happened at the crime site?  We may have some inherent qualities that lend themselves to becoming effective CSI’s.  But such intuitive knowledge is no replacement for solid training in disciplines needed to properly identify and interpret crime scenes.  Each CSI must be trained in a variety of skills to be effective in the field.  And then, to remain sharp, they must visit crime sites regularly.

This book will help you become good crime scene investigators of your own life primarily and others secondarily.  Hopefully, you will be given the best tools to determine what happened on your crime site and what accurate conclusions can be drawn to prevent it from happening again.

The end of the book is just the beginning.  Once you understand the dynamics of spiritual formation and spiritual transformation and begin to apply what you have learned under the authority of God, in response to the finished work of cross by Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, you will begin to live a legacy worth leaving in the lives of others.  You will finish the race well.

Let’s begin the journey.

Greg Speaking Schedule

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  • Men's Advance
  • September 18-27, 2010
  • Fagaras, Romania

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Lessons Learned from Ecclesiastes...

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1.     Life apart from God is meaningless.

2.     Life is seasonal and cyclical.

3.     Wisdom has its limits.

4.     Activity without purpose is meaningless.

5.     A good name is better than fine perfume (7:1)

6.     It is better to heed a wise man's rebuke than to listen to the song of fools (7:5)

7.     Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools (7:9)

8.     There is a proper time and procedure for every matter (8:6)

Chapter 8:1-6 

(v1)  Who is like the wise man?  Who knows the explanation of things?  Wisdom brightens a man's face and changes its hard appearance.

9.     Godly wisdom can anticipate what's ahead.  Little surprises a man of wisdom or catches him unaware.

(v2)  Obey the king's command, I say, because you took an oath before God. (v3) Do not be in a hurry to leave the king's presence.

10.  Once you decide to leave you will no longer have the opportunity to change the outcome--you will have to start over somewhere else to establish credibility before you will have an opportunity to bring change.

(v4) Since a king's word is supreme, who can say to him, "What are you doing?"   (v5) Whoever obeys his command will come to no harm, and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. (v6) For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter, though a man's misery weighs heavily upon him.

11.  Do not stand up for a bad cause, for he will do whatever he pleases. A good cause becomes a bad cause simply because you bring it up at the wrong time.

12.  There is a proper time and procedure for every matter.  You have to know what hills you will die on, what hills you will bleed on, and what hills are not worth climbing--die on a few hills, bleed on a few hills; everything else is not worth your engagement.

13.  Swift justice is prudent (8:11)

14.  It goes better for God-fearing men, who are reverent before God (8:12)

15.  Under the sun, meaning and understanding are futile (8:17)

16.  Wisdom is better than strength (9:16)

17.  A little folly outweighs wisdom and honor (10:1)

18.  The fool multiplies words (10:14)

19.  Words uttered will go beyond the boundaries you set (10:20)

20.  There are consequences for every action (11:9)

21.  Remember God in your youth before old age dulls you initiative (12:1-7)

22.  Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body (12:12)

23.  Our duty is to fear God and keep His commandments (12:13)

24.  Every deed, every hidden thing will be judged (12:14)

Lessons from Ecclesiastes #1

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Last Sunday, Father's Day, I met with ten men around a fire pit in my backyard.  Attending were a couple of my board members, current members of Phase II:  Focus of a Warrior, alumni from previous groups and two sons of men associated with Heart of a Warrior.  These occasional gatherings are meant for fellowship and 'deep' teaching.

We reviewed why each man came to HOAW after which I taught lessons from the Book of Ecclesiastes, one of my favorite books of the Bible.  Many find the book perplexing or depressing.  I do not.  Once you understand the primary key that unlocks the book it comes alive possessing many lessons for followers of Christ and leaders.

Solomon, the third king of Israel succeeded his father David. Solomon reflects on his life and evaluates the results of his activities finding some of value but most meaningless when life is lived on a horizontal plain apart from a vertical relationship with God--when life is engaged for the specific purpose of self-actualization.

There are a couple of phrases that are only found in Ecclesiastes and nowhere else in the Bible--under the sun and a chasing after the windUnder the sun , the primary key that unlocks the book, is found 29 times in the book.  This phrase implies "life lived by purely earthly and human values without recourse to a supernatural level of reality" is meaningless.  Anytime the phrase appears the author is commenting from the perspective of someone living their life on the horizontal plain apart from a vertical relationship with God. 

No matter what lofty achievements we obtain, what structures we build, what vineyards we plant, what companies we run, what successes we enjoy, what notoriety we are recognized for, what philanthropy we engage in, what books we write, what oratory we speak, what money we earn, what position or status we hold--all of it, according to the author, is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.  

One scholar summarizes the value of the book this way--"The Book of Ecclesiastes has a powerful message for our selfish, materialistic age.  It teaches that great accomplishments and earthly possessions alone do not bring lasting happiness.  True satisfaction comes from serving God and following His will for our lives."

Solomon concludes his analysis by identifying the single most important thing that matters.

The end of the matter, all has been heard.  Fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man (Eccl 12:13 RSV).

Forgiveness and Repentance

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Recent events have compelled me to revisit the issues of forgiveness and repentance. 

We are called to forgive those who have harmed us.  Yet, forgiveness does not mean we have to invite the offender back into our lives especially if their past behavior suggests a pattern of abuse that could wound others again.  For instance, if someone caused great harm (emotionally, physically, or spiritually) to you or your loved ones you are not under any obligation to invite the possibility of a recurrence.

So, what then is meant by forgiveness?  A close friend of mine once gave me a good definition for forgiveness.  He said forgiveness is "choosing not to seek revenge."  Seeking revenge can take many forms--retaliation, reprisal, or retribution or other forms of 'getting back.'

This does not mean that you open yourself up to ongoing abuse from an abuser.  For instance, assume for a moment a financial planner squandered your retirement by spending your money on himself instead of making sound investments on your behalf.  You might forgive them but forgiveness does not mean you would invite them to handle your finances again.

When a brother who has wronged you asks for forgiveness and repents of their wrongdoing what then? 

First of all repentance is an expression of godly sorrow--it is a turning away from the sin (and actions) that gave rise to the need for repentance in the first place.  Restitution is required when warranted by the circumstances of the offense.  In Matthew 3:8 Jesus recounts an encounter John the Baptist had with the Pharisees and Sadducees.  He told them to "produce fruit in keeping with repentance."

The lack of fruit (restitution for instance) may be indicative of a counterfeit repentance.  It is very easy to ask someone's forgiveness and to express repentance yet not produce "fruit" in keeping with the repentance expressed.

You can choose to forgive (not seek revenge in word or deed) regardless of "fruit" in keeping with repentance but you do not have to invite the perpetrator back into your life.  The honesty of one's repentance for harm they have caused is validated when they provide restitution for the wrong they have committed.  You have a right to be a bit suspicious when the "fruit" is missing.

Pursue the Virtue of Contentment

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A good friend of mine just sent me a short piece written by Max Lucado.  It is particularly applicable to me.  As I have been carefully weighing options for my future now that I am no longer at Bethel I want to find a role that matches my wiring.  As I said in a recent interview, "I am not looking for the next step, I am looking for the last step.  I want to make a difference for the kingdom of God.  Anyway, hope Max's sentiments are helpful to you...

Pursue the Virtue of Contentment

by Max Lucado

A businessman bought popcorn from an old street vendor each day after lunch. He once arrived to find the peddler closing up his stand at noon. “Is something wrong?” he asked.

A smile wrinkled the seller’s leathery face. “By no means. All is well.”

“Then why are you closing your popcorn stand?”

“So I can go to my house, sit on my porch, and sip tea with my wife.”

The man of commerce objected. “But the day is still young. You can still sell.”

“No need to,” the stand owner replied. “I’ve made enough money for today.”

“Enough? Absurd. You should keep working.”

The spry old man stopped and stared at his well-dressed visitor. “And why should I keep working?”

“To sell more popcorn.”

“And why sell more popcorn?”

“Because the more popcorn you sell, the more money you make. The more money you make, the richer you are. The richer you are, the more popcorn stands you can buy. The more popcorn stands you buy, the more peddlers sell your product, and the richer you become. And when you have enough, you can stop working, sell your popcorn stands, stay home, and sit on the porch with your wife and drink tea.”

The popcorn man smiled. “I can do that today. I guess I have enough.”

Wise was the one who wrote, “Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income” (Eccles. 5:10 NIV).

Don’t heed greed.

Greed makes a poor job counselor.

Greed has a growling stomach. Feed it, and you risk more than budget-busting debt. You risk losing purpose. Greed can seduce you out of your sweet spot.

Before you change your job title, examine your perspective toward life. Success is not defined by position or pay scale but by this: doing the most what you do the best.

Parents, give that counsel to your kids. Tell them to do what they love to do so well that someone pays them to do it.

Spouses, urge your mate to choose satisfaction over salary. Better to be married to a happy person who has a thin wallet than a miserable person with a thick one. Besides, “a pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life” (Prov. 13:7 MSG).

Pursue the virtue of contentment. “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Tim. 6:6 NIV). When choosing or changing jobs, be careful. Consult your design. Consult your Designer. But never consult your greed


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Life is full of changes.  I am no longer an employee of Bethel University.  I have served the school for 15 years.  It has been a good run - now I am ready to move on.  As I have prayed and contemplated where i might serve God's redemptive purposes I have concluded I need to be back on the front lines of ministry.

I don't know if it will be a church or ministry organization.  Maybe you would covenant with me to pray for God's leading and opportunities. 

I would like to hear from you.

Finally -- we have lift off.

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I just received 156 copies of a set of DVDs for Phase I:  Heart Calibration.  In the past we have relied upon audio conferencing to train leaders of Heart of a Warrior groups.  Now, we have a set of 4 DVDs that will accompany the Heart of a Warrior Manual for leaders. 

The first DVD introduces Heart of a Warrior to potential members and describes the focus, purpose and covenant.  The second DVD covers lessons 1-4 of the manual and provides a 10-15 minute introduction for each of the lessons.  The third DVD covers lessons 5-8.  The final DVD covers the remaining lessons 9-12.  These videos will be played and viewed by the entire group at the beginning of each lesson.

Every leader will want a set of these DVDs.  For instance, a leader will want a package containing  a set of DVDs and a manual.  When a leader orders a package consisting of a DVD set and a manual they will also be sent (by email) a package of supplemental materials in PDF that are called for at specific points in the journey.  Each member of the group will be required to have a manual.

Contact me directly if you would like to purchase a package containing the DVDs, manual, and supplemental materials.  Send an email to me at GWBourgond@aol.comThe entire package is being offered for $99 for the next 6 months.

Video Clip

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Belfast Ireland 

A Warrior After God's Heart (Video)

The Mandate - November 2007.

It will take 5 minutes to fully load.


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There are currently no alerts. Stay tuned.

Ireland 2010

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My bride and I are currently in Western Ireland at Ballynahinch Castle celebrating our 41st anniversary.  The beauty of this place is mesmerizing.  I swear there are anxiety-sucking magnets everywhere.  It has been the most relaxing environment I have been to.  I found this recluse in 2007 when I was invited to Ireland by Erwin McManus to speak to men gathered in Belfast.  I came a week early to tour Ireland and stayed in castles each evening before joining up with two men from Heart of a Warrior and traveling north.

We have visited Clifden, Roundstone, Westport, and Cong  (where the movie Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara was filmed).  We toured Ashford Castle but found that the estate of Ballynahinch is  our favorite place--fires in every room, meals to die for, and grounds to explore.  Please take the time to look at the pictures we have included in two albums entitled "Ireland - 2010" found to the right of this blog.

God has given us a welcome retreat we sorely needed.  If you want to get an idea of what the castle is like check out the following URl (Ballynahinch Castle).

By the way, my book entitled "A Rattling of Sabers:  Preparing Your Heart for Life's Battles" should be coming out in April.

It has been so enjoyable watching salmon jump in the river and taking long walks together.

Check out the photo albums to the right.

Focused Living

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I have been working through Focus of a Warrior with 4 men in prison and 7 men in my home. In light of the economy many of us do not have the luxury of leaving our current jobs to find one that is more in alignment with our unique wiring. Some of us are glad to have a job and cannot afford to leave it to find another job more in alignment with our life purpose, committed passion, unique methodologies, and ultimate contribution.

Therefore, I would suggest to you that if your current job does not offer an opportunity to be changed to more adequately align with your wiring then you need to find other avenues or venues in which to express your calling and your wiring. Obviously, clarity about your calling and wiring is necessary to determine more efficiently and effectively where and in what ways you need to focus a dimension of your calling and wiring.

I was at a dinner some time ago with Leonard Sweet, author of Quantum Spirituality and other challenging works and a unique personality in his own right. He made a profound statement to me. He said, "If you are attempting to exercise the totality of who your are in one venue (for instance--your job) you are headed for abject misery." The implication of his statement is that your job will have highs and lows and your response will also be high or low. Your identity is not determined by your profession alone. He went on to say, "To dampen the ups and downs of your job you must seek out other venues that will give you an opportunity to express another dimension of your calling and wiring--the totality of which expresses all of who God has called you to be and do."

For instance, my job at Bethel does not encompass all of who I am and all I am called to do. My Heart of a Warrior Ministry, writing projects, consultations, teaching, etc. collectively allows me to express the entirety of who I am and what I am called to do. Knowing the specifics of this relys, of course, on my clarity of of my wiring and God's designed purposes for my life.

So what's the point--simply this. Come to clarity about your calling and wiring and then seek out venues in which to express each aspect of your calling. Do not look to one venue to express all of who you are. And do not select opportunity options that provide redundant avenues. Find venues that give you the freedom to express one dimension of your calling and wiring--the totality of which represents your calling and wiring in its entirety.

read more

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